Codnor Miners Football Club
Does Codnor Miners Football Club have its own conspiracy, can both Sharp twins play Football???
The theory is that only one of the twins is any good with the ball but the other is ashamed, so as twins the good player plays under both names to save the other twin the embarrassment.

Have you noticed that you don't seem to see both lads on the pitch at the same time???

Now come on boys which one of you can play and which one can't????

28/8/2009 04:24:15 am

that'll be me then,the 1 who can't play!!

sharpy c
28/8/2009 04:53:46 am

thats abit harsh, i don't want 2 put me bro down, but he does need 2 start turnin up abit more n turn the game around like i know he can on thr day.....
+ i need 2 stop picking up injury's so bloody easy.. old age catchin up... i'll be bk lol

4/9/2009 09:31:57 am

nice to see ashmere group photo on the website are they the only sponsors??????


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