Codnor Miners Football Club
So guys, what do you think to the New CMFC Website? if you have any ideas please post them and serious ones will be considered!!!
26/8/2009 08:09:24 am

this is good mate nice 1...

26/8/2009 04:35:19 pm

just seen that we have same ref as stanley common match for this weekend at sudbury. so lets up our game and ignore the ref and play some football!!

26/8/2009 06:56:52 pm

What we all have to remember lads is that the ref did not cause us to concede any of the 6 goals that went past us, so lets forget about referees and concentrate on keeping the ball out of our net and in the opponents....!!!!

27/8/2009 09:50:07 am

well said bear man... we need 2 start getting our act together quick sharp or were going 2 get hammered week in week out,so lets start playing some fucking football lads...come on!!!!

sharp c
28/8/2009 05:05:17 am

need 2 stop shitting out of tackles n 50/50 headers 2 many people scared 2 get stuck in, n the opposition c that n just make us pay 4 simple things like that, movement n talking all the things that make the game simple, we don't do.
i think a good team bonding session is on the cards 2 get everybody at ease with each other. name ur dates.

13/10/2009 06:40:12 am

notice should be taken of players peformance scores as these scores are not just plucked out of thin air there based on each players overall performance per game.if a player scores a winning goal but that is his only contrabution to the game does that mean he deserves a high score? i don't so!


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